Modern Living, Traditional Style

Kensington is a vibrant, environmentally sustainable community where you can live, work and play. Enjoy the village square and picturesque parks, take advantage of opportunities for local shops and diverse living styles. Thoughtful design provides seamless links to nearby communities, commercial centres and amenities.


Park the car – you’ll rarely need it here. With an extensive network of pedestrian paths, bicycle routes and linked parks, getting around this neighbourhood is a piece of cake.

Hold a barbecue at the picturesque village square in the heart of the community. Play and relax in one of numerous neighbourhood parks. The core park in the centre of the neighbourhood is designed to host everything from a quiet stroll to a lively game of soccer.


Kensington is designed with the environment in mind. More than half of the single family homes are oriented to take advantage of solar energy use.


You can always call Kensington home, even when your housing requirements change. There are condominiums, townhouses, single family homes on cul-de-sacs, traditional lots with rear lanes and second-story apartments above office/commercial space in the village square.

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