Saskatoon Land is demonstrating its commitment to environmental leadership though the implementation of the Net Zero Energy Demonstration Project. The project will provide education and training to local builders on how to construct Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes. The City of Saskatoon is committed to the strategic goal of Environmental Leadership and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.  Saskatoon Land is supporting this goal through this initiative in support of Action 6 & 7 included in the Low Emissions Community (LEC) Plan which strive for higher efficiency new homes with solar panel compatibility.

Why choose a Net Zero Home?

Exceptional Value  •  Greater comfort, healthier living  •  Environmentally responsible

Net Zero Homes produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes and use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need. Every part of the house works together to provide consistent temperatures throughout, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens. The result: exceptional energy performance and the ultimate in comfort – a home at the forefront of sustainability. It all adds up to a better living experience.

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Net Zero Ready Homes in the Parade

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What’s the Difference Between Net Zero & Net Zero Ready Homes?

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