Parade of Homes 2023

Parade Dashboard


Note the new handles. We are consolidating all SRHBA Event Social Media Accounts into one public-facing account. Instagram


Add a Twibbon to your Facebook and/or profile images to let all your followers know you're participating in the Parade of Homes.

Example of a twibbon

Add Twibbon


  • Keep it simple. 100-level content like how to access the home, what it looks like from the outside, or cool features that might bring people to the home.
  • Make sure your post does at LEAST one of the following:
    • Educate
    • Inspire
    • Entertain
  • Sometimes it’s less about the content, and more about how you deliver it. For sales posts especially, ensure it’s delivered in an entertaining way!
  • We’ve included a few graphics, overlays, and pre-written posts below for you to use as well.


  • Hashtags are another way to identify your content as relating to the Parade of Homes.
  • Hashtags are used on social media to group posts of similar topic or event
  • The hashtag that will be used for the Parade is #pohYXE
    • poh stands for Parade of Homes
    • YXE is a common way to identify Saskatoon and area on social media, as it’s the code for the Saskatoon airport
  • Any post relating to the parade should include this hashtag
    • Common usage of the hashtag will result in that hashtag appearing under Trends
    • Followers can also click on a hashtag to see other posts with the same hashtag, exposing them to more content relating to the parade.
  • The hashtag should always have poh lowercase and YXE uppercase

Post Assets

Use any of the assets below to create posts for your social media accounts. The overlays allow you to take any image of your own and easily brand it as part of the Parade.



See us in the Parade of Homes


Overlay - Top Left


Overlay - Top Right


Overlay - Bottom Right


Overlay - Bottom Left

Share Your Home

The easiest way to share a link to your show home on is to visit the page on the website, and use the icons below the Share this Home heading in the right column.

Each Show Home page on the website has been configured to display customized “cards” when posting to Twitter or Facebook. It is also setup so the main banner image on the website will be used as the feature image in the post.

All you have to do is copy and paste the URL for the page into your post and it should automatically include the card in your post. You can still write a custom message in your post before the card.

Example of a Twitter Card
Example of a Facebook Card